ILJ Michigan staff and volunteers actively participate in advocacy, community outreach and education efforts.

ADVOCACY includes targeted efforts to affect change and influence laws, policies and administrative practices on both the state and national level. We seek to create an immigration system that is fair and equitable and helps foster communities that are more welcoming to immigrants.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH involves developing and deepening connections with potential ILJ Michigan clients, especially by collaborating with organizations that provide them with other important services and earn their trust.

EDUCATION helps impart reliable information about immigration, deepens the understanding that local citizens have about immigrants’ experiences and creates appreciation for the many ways immigrants enliven and enrich Michigan communities.

ILJ Michigan strongly advocates for a just immigration system based on fair laws that treat all people with respect. We support comprehensive, non-punitive immigration reform. The goal of our legal services and advocacy is that clients of all nationalities and backgrounds can become integrated within their Michigan communities. Then they are fully able to enrich local cultures, increase diversity, invigorate local economies and engage in civic and political activities.

Currently, we are focusing efforts on the following activities:

  • Promote and participate in local, state and national advocacy actions in response to policies and proposed legislation that impact our clients’ lives and those of refugee and immigrant communities!
  • Strengthen the partnerships we have with diverse organizations that support immigrants and form alliances with new ones!
  • Focus outreach efforts on creative ways to connect with new clients!

ILJ Michigan is a Solidarity Circle Member of Drive Michigan Forward, a coalition advocating for the return of drivers’ licenses for all in Michigan, including immigrants without status. Among other routine matters, immigrants need drivers’ licenses to get to work legally and safely, pick up their children from school and become involved in school and community activities. In April 2023, Drive SAFE legislation was introduced in the Michigan legislature. ILJ Michigan Advocacy and Outreach Manager, Tori Booker, participated in a day of meetings with state senators and representatives to ask for their support of #DriveSafe bills. Tori said, “It was exciting to be with such passionate advocates, and a strong sense of community was palpable throughout the day. There is a real sense of possibility that this legislative initiative will be successful.”

If you would like to be kept informed about these activities or if you are part of an organization or faith community that would like to learn more about our work, please contact Tori Booker at