Son’s Determination Leads to Mother’s Citizenship: A Heartwarming Success Story

mohamed and senior attorney kourtney james

Many immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers find that immigrating to the United States is a significant hurdle that could be accompanied by persecution, violence or even death. Some immigrants manage to reach the U.S. despite these obstacles, and obtain legal citizenship, saving their families from potential harm. But some immigrants often must put the process of obtaining citizenship to the side to raise their families or obtain a job to provide for themselves and others. Despite the many challenges of living in the United States without status Fatoumata, a young mother who immigrated from Guinea, prioritized raising her children. Little did she know one of her children would eventually prioritize her.

Fatoumata (who goes by Fatima) entered the United States with a B-2 visa in October of 1998, there she found temporary residence in a bustling New York City and got married. Despite it being one of the most immigrant rich cities in the United States it was a difficult transition for her and her family. To escape the fast-paced environment of America’s largest city, Fatima and her husband chose to uproot her family to Michigan where they eventually settled long-term. 

Not even a full calendar year after her arrival to the states Fatima experienced immigration obstacles that pushed her into making some tough decisions for her and her family. Her authorized stay via the B-2 visa expired in 1999, despite this she made the decision to remain in the United States without status. After settling in Michigan, she and her husband welcomed four children from 1999 to 2005 and fully settled into their new lives.

Fatima eventually found work at the University of Michigan hospital where she worked as a custodian and provided for her family for over a decade. Unfortunately, tragedy struck her family in 2022 when her husband passed away, leaving her as an undocumented single mother of four children. 

She was determined to obtain her green card after her husband’s sudden death, but despite being the matriarch of her household she was certainly not alone. In November of 2021, her 24-year-old son Mohamed connected with ILJ-MI’s Senior Attorney Kourtney James. Mohamed began a One-Step Adjustment petitioning for his mother to obtain lawful permanent residence/a green card. This process is a nerve wracking one that can take years to fully materialize, yet Mohamed and Fatima were determined and adamant. 

On April 8, 2024, Senior Attorney Kourtney James received confirmation that Fatima’s application was approved, she is now a lawful permanent resident of the United States! Despite the many challenges she faced as an immigrant mother and eventual single mother and widow, Fatima always offered her family a sense of comfort and security. In return, her son Mohamed helped to provide her with the same security and comfort that she provided her family from the beginning. 


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