Immigration Law & Justice Michigan welcomes and supports low-income immigrants with free legal services and public advocacy. ILJMI attorneys in four offices help immigrants understand their options to navigate the complexities and barriers of the U.S. immigration legal system.ILJ-MI’s trustworthy, ethical attorneys carefully discuss all available options and provide information about any anticipated risks to clients. Clear guidance and realistic scenarios ensure clients are well-informed before making decisions. If they have no pathway to legal status, ILJ-MI attorneys explain why they cannot help them.

Clients typically face daunting challenges and are unsure who they can trust. Thus, it is of paramount importance that they feel comfortable in a safe and professional place where they know they will receive confidential support. In each location, staff members support the dignity and humanity of each person.

Additionally, ILJ-MI staff, board members and volunteers advocate for immigration laws that are just and humane. They provide community educational presentations and collaborate with other local, regional, and national immigration organizations to support new policy initiatives and promote citizen advocacy.

ILJ-MI is an affiliate of the Immigration Law & Justice Network, which has 19 affiliated sites across the country. ILJ-MI pays no dues or fees to ILJN and retains operational autonomy and control. As an affiliate, the free services we receive include malpractice coverage for attorneys and staff; director’s and officers’ insurance for board members; targeted grants; a consulting attorney and expert consulting, training and peer learning opportunities. Operating under a memorandum of understanding, ILJN sets expectations and standards such as employing well-trained executive directors, maintaining diverse and engaged boards of directors, developing and implementing sound policies and implementing strong governance, financial procedures and internal controls